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Thu. Feb 4th 2021
burning is only allowed from January 15th to May 1st. Each year you
must apply for a new permit. Permits for Athol can be applied for at There is a $10 ...
Fri. Nov 13th 2020

Keep your family safe this holiday season with some tips from the State Fire Marshal's office.
Thu. Mar 26th 2020
From: The Office of Athol Fire Chief Joseph GuarneraTo: The Citizens of the Town of Athol and our surrounding communities, As Fire Chief, I would just like to reassure you that in this time of emergen...
Tue. Mar 24th 2020
The Athol Fire Department will be stopping some nonessential functions during this recent health crisis. One such stoppage pertains to our building inspections. Please see the attached file for additi...
Sun. Jul 28th 2019

FF Hamilton, Capt Soltysik, and Lt Boucher at the MSPCA Equine Rescue Class.
A message from Chief Guarnera
Thu. Mar 26th 2020

From: The Office of Athol Fire Chief Joseph Guarnera

To: The Citizens of the Town of Athol and our surrounding communities,


As Fire Chief, I would just like to reassure you that in this time of emergency and uncertainty, the members of the Athol Fire Department will continue to provide you with the professional Fire and Emergency Medical Service that you expect of us. Even though our doors are locked for routine business, we are, and will always be there if any emergency should arise.


If you feel that you have flu like symptoms, like coughing, weakness, fever etc., please stay home and call your PCP (Primary Care Physician). If you do not have a PCP, call a medical facility or hospital. Please do not call 9-1-1 unless it is a true emergency.


We may not know everything about the COVID-19, AKA Corona Virus, but what we do know is that it is very contagious. The disease is transmitted predominately through droplets (sneezing, cough, etc.). There are some very easy and practical procedures that will protect us from contracting this disease.


First, make every effort to abide by the recommend “Social Distancing” of 6 feet. Please try to remember this distancing at all times. By keeping this safe distance the ability of contact with the virus is dramatically reduced.


Second, the virus can live active on a surface for up to 3 days (World Health Organization). All surfaces that you may come in contact with should be continually disinfected. If you do not have access to a commercial disinfectant, a mixture of 10% bleach to water, (1 part bleach to 9 parts water or 1 ½ cup bleach to 1 gallon of water) is very effective. Don’t forget to leave the disinfectant on the surface for up to 15 minutes so that it can do its job before it’s wiped off.


Third, hand washing. Washing your hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer. Now comes the question as to which is better. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (2 rounds of singing Happy Birthday). Soap and water is first choice, especially if you have visible dirt. Soap does not kill the germs but very effectively removes them from your skin. Second choice is hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will kill the germs but does not remove them from your skin as effectively. If you are using hand sanitizer, make sure that the sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol (listed on the side of the bottle or container).


Forth, Residents are advised to stay home and avoid any unnecessary travel. Residents over the age of 70 years of age, or with underlying health conditions, who are considered at a high risk when exposed to COVID-19, should limit social interactions with other people as much as possible.


I cannot stress the importance of implementing these procedures into your every day’s lives as they have proven to be effective and very easy to do. As a town, as a country, and throughout the world, this is very serious and should be treated as such. If you have any further concerns or question, the state has a created at dedicated telephone number which is accessed by dialing


Be safe and stay healthy.




Joseph Guarnera


Joseph Guarnera, M.Ed., CFO

Chief of Department

Athol Fire

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